SmallTime 1.0g release date

SmallTime 1.0g release is planned on 1st May 2018. New version is already properly finished and intense testing is in progress.

This release will contain only a fig for bug#11 (Sound notifications are not working when SmallTime is minimised by clicking an arrow in upper left corner) and minor changes under the hood. Also, the installer will have correct version so no one will get confused during the installation process.


Sound notifications bug

Important announcement

In latest release of SmallTime, sound notifications are not activated when SmallTime is minimised(by clicking the arrow in upper left corner of your screen). I will fix this bug this weekend, do some real testing for a week and then release a version 1.0g where this issue will be fixed.

I am sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you did not suffer any damage by setting up countdowns with sound notifications that were not activated. I personaly forgot to take the laundry out and also burned a frozen pizza badly because of this bug. Also almost missed an important appointment.


EDIT: because of big personal events in my life, bugfix release is postponed for now. Sorry, I will get to it ASAP

SmallTime 1.0f release


SmallTime 1.0f was released today. It contains few bugfixes and few new features that increase it´s overall effectivity and user comfort. This release is a bit rough so there may be some tiny polishing needed before next release but I think that new features are worth it.



  • bug #9: lower parts of some letters in event name field are not cut off anymore
  • bug #10: words were being cut in half at the end of a line when creating an event description in add new timer screen


  • ability to set sound alarm for your countdowns.
  • current date and time are preset when adding a new timer.
  • slight changes to user interface

You can download SmallTime 1.0f here —> 

So that´s it. I wish you a great winter solstice, merry christmas and a happy new year, all in one package. Enjoy!

SmallTime 1.0f sneak peek

SmallTime 1.0f info

SmallTime 1.0f will be released in January 2018. In this version, I will implement a sound reminder feature that is activated from within a new options menu which is a replacement of an about screen. Sound will be played everytime when a countdown reaches 0 to remind you that event has started. This is useful for example, for a user who works on a computer and gets a sound notification that reminds him of a meeting that is about to start.


And you can see a typo in the screenshot I posted. It should and will be “sound notifications”. Also note that this picture does not represent a final product and is a subject of change if needed.

What happened to a Linux version of SmallTime?

SmallTime version 1 will be a secondary project for now because I am focusing on making a small testing app for Windows, Linux and maybe Android to make sure I will not do any critical mistakes when porting SmallTime to other platforms. I hope I can make most of my progress with this testing app(maybe a minigame?) during christmas holidays and release it in May 2018. I would like to give you a steady supply of releases next year so I hope for SmallTime 2.0 in September 2018. But handful of people reading this blog regulary already know me and my promises 🙂

SmallTime 2 may not have all features implemented from the beginning but I will try to catch up with version 1.0f(or later) as soon as possible. Depends on the time I will have.


Bitcoin donations avaiable

From now on you can donate Bitcoin to SmallSkill Studio. Keep me from starving please. Litecoin donations will be avaiable soon.


You can donate Bitcoin to 17eUJncpADzMUY4yJ8ETna1EWMuhxAhwjr


Supporting SmallSkill Studio

Since today, you can support SmallSkill Studio by mining Monero that can be mined from within web browser.

Monero is a cryptocurrency. That means that it is not made by a central bank of any country but instead it is produced by providing “proof of work”. That means your computer will get a chunk of data that can be decifered into a cryptocurrency. By mining cryptocurrency for smallskill studio you can exchange power of your computer for creating an asset that will support SmallSkill Studio.

Don´t be shy and donate a bit of your electricity to support my work and make me able to give more work to you.

I have asked a couple of people to keep it running for a minute and results look promising. I may provide a classic donate options but I have to look into some legal issues first. It is not easy to find time for this because I have quite a few tasks at hand, including a new version of SmallTime that would fix some bugs present in current version,

Unexpected spinoff #2: Mod for (two) SCS games

Just a short article.

I made a mod for two SCS Software games: Eurotruck simulator 2 and American Truck simulator.  This mod changes the sun position in theese games according to day in year in real world. Nothing more to say about this except two pictures of comparing winter and summer time in their game.

Download link for American Truck Simulator:

Download link for Eurotruck Simulator 2:




Now I am getting back to work on things that I should have been working on.


Aborting cooperation with Google


Just a short note. You will not be seeing any more ads from Google on this website. This does not mean that website will end, everythin else will go as (slowly) normal. For me it means few hour a year more at work and for you it means more comfortable browsing experience.

More news tommorrow, update on SmallTime unfortunately may not come as soon as I planned.  I have encountered hardware issues with my internal server so making finishing touches on a multiplatform project has become a HUGE PAIN.

But I made a mod for one game to test setup of my updated development tools as an attempt for appeacement with people I disapointed. (hey, this happens when somebody does something for you for free 🙂 )

SmallTime 1.0e release

SmallTime 1.0e has just been released!

This is mainly a bugfix release with some preparation for new feature(s) that will come later.

Relase notes:

  •  fixed bug #6 – 31st minute was not present when adding/editing a countdown or timer.
  • fixed bug #7 – now you can scroll in event description field.
  • bugfix: words at the end of lines in event description field are not cut in half anymore.
  • fixed bug #8: App icon should display correctly for all users (may take up to a week to fix itself, at least that was my case).

As always, you can click this big and beautiful  button to download latest version of SmallTime ->

SmallTime 1.0e sneak peak & plea for help

SmallTime 1.0e coming soon

SmallTime 1.0e release is planned on 31st May 2017. Note that the release may be postponed by a week because intense testing is now in progress.

SmallTime 1.0e is a bugfix release with ground ready for new features and will be backwards compatible with version 1.0d.



Help with bug investigation

Some people don´t see the application icon in taskbar when they run smallTime. Instead they see default Java application icon(cofee on grey backgrond). It seems that only I and one other person have this problem. I have confirmnation of at least eight other machines where the icon is shown properly. Please let me know if you experience this bug. Post down here in the comment section or send me an e-mail to

Thank you very much.

Linux version situation

Although I managed to run SmallTime properly on Linux, I still did not have time to setup the application installer and figure out how to make installed app run on every system startup. There are more ways to do this and I am looking into what will be the best option for me. SmallTime with Linux support (1.0f) will be released on 1st September 2017.

SmallTime 1.0e compatibility layer


Just a fast update. I finally have few days of free time so I finished the version compatibility layer for SmallTime. It was a bit of a headache and proof of more internal code defective by design but everything is in place and now I am going to do some bug fixing. SmallTime 1.0e will be purely bugfix release with version compatibility test.

There is a slight possibility of a release this month but if there will be some issues it will be postponed to September 2017. Linux version is still not fuly figured out.