SmallTime alpha internal testing

According to the original plan, SmallTime 1.8.0 should have been released as a working beta version without any major issues for home usage. However, due to the appearance of serious issues with user input, this public beta release will happen at the end of the next development cycle. As of now, few people have gotten a private alpha build of SmallTime 2 (currently 1.8.0). The app itself can be considered as operational but there are several serious known issues:

  • part of the buttons on the right side are cut off due to unfinished UI cleanup
  • task editor crashes if SmallTime is running for some time
  • settings are not available (turning on settings via manipulation of data file is NOT recommended and may cause unwanted behaviour and app crashes)
  • limits for text length are low(keep your event names short)

Crashes are the most serious issue that has not been solved because user input bugs, which I was fixing were much deeper than anticipated. However, I believe that stability issues caused by the bug fix will be resolved in next release, which is planned on April of 2022. Until then, new Smalltime will need some more time closed in our /lab.

If you want to participate in the internal testing process of SmallTime 2.0, please send me an e-mail to