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After a long, long time I can dedicate myself to continue developing software again. There were no updates for the last year but this project is not dead, updates and new stuff will be coming out this year… or at least some beta release.

I spent last almost 365 days improving my skills, freeing up more time for my projects and rethinking the strategy to bring the best experience to you. But not everything during that time was unrelated to this website. I made concepts of new software that will bring the fun back into this place. Also, I already started to work on a remake of project that did not recieve my attention for a long time. I will give you more info in a few weeks.

However, to speed up things even more, I need to pay my bills and pay for this website . To keep things going as planned I need to work overtime at my job, so if you want to make the development go faster, you can now support me via SubscribeStar crowdfunging platform. In return, you will get:

  • monthly progress reports
  • access to a Discord server where you can contact me directly and ask for customer support faster than via e-mail
  • early access to all software/games that will be later publicly available here
  • i am thinking about providing access to beta releases of new software versions but I am not really sure about that

However, the most crucial information will be still available on this website and you can still get customer support via email on I will try to help you there but note that it may take some time for me to reply because there are many things with high priority that I have to attend to.

More news will come soon after I will publish my first progress report for premium subscribers here: I know that I have made this decision in a very hard times, but every crisis will pass and after that, we can flourish and grow. I wish good luck to everyone still reading this and of course, stay safe.

SmallTime 1.0h released

After a bit of a delay (I am deeply sorry for that) SmallTime 1.0h is finally coming.

New features and bug fixes

  • Settings menu
  • ability to display SmallTime on right side of your monitor
  • after clicking on Details button on any of your countdowns or timers, a window with additional information will appear.
  • fixed bug #12:  When hovering mouse cursor over event details button, time is shown in wrong format if time of an event is set between first and nineth minute
  • fixed bug #13:  When clicking the edit event button, event time is set itself to whole hour if time of an event is set between first and nineth minute

I hope that you will like this release and that you will keep supporting me so I can bring you more products and services.

As always, there is a big wonderful button that will download the new SmallTime if you click it -> 

P.S. I will update that button to match others on this website as soon as my time allows me to.

Unexpected Jihad #4 – British ISIS force

After failed airline business and attempt to raise awareness by a coffee campaign, ISIS decided that it is time to step into the British military service and spread their message there.

I decided to have a bit of fun again and brought you this. Have a laugh or be offended, it is your choice 🙂 . Authors of original videos deserve credit so I put my sources below.

explosion sound efect

original soldier video

video of explosion


ISIS flag animation: property of SmallSkill Studio

Closing down Bitcoin donations

This month will be full of news, relative to other months.

Since Bitcoin´s blockchain size is huge, transaction speed is low and fees are very high, I decided to close down Bitcoin wallet of SmallSkill Studio. This was planned for a long time but due to unexpected circumstances I have to do it a bit sooner then was planned. Sorry for inconvenience.

Bitcoin is a milestone in financial evolution and it introduced totaly new paradigm of international transactions without limitations and regulations imposed by big banks and governments. However while Bitcoin is a great proof of concept, it lacks technical parameters for usability on a massive scale. And that is the main reason why I decided to stop support for Bitcoin donations.

I have withdrawn Bitcoin from donation page and wallet will be closed down this evening.

SmallTime 1.0h release date

SmallTime 1.0h will be released on 3rd November 2018.

SmallTime 1.0h was supposed to be a bugfix release but some users had issues with how event informations were handled. In previous version of Smalltime, if you hold your mouse above event information button(the one with little black rectangles that represent lines of text) a bubble with info about this event would pop up. However it is highly unintuitive to use it like this. So in SmallTime 1.0h when you click this button a dialog with informations about event name, date and description will appear. If you like to look at this info as you did before, you still can.

Another thing. I kept delaying code optimisation for a looong time so adding new features is getting very chaotic again. so in version after 1.0h there will be a 1.0j update with no new features, maybe even no bugfixes. It will only contain architecture and maybe some performance upgrades.

I know you are waiting for bugfixes related to event editing issues (bugs #13 and #14 shown here ) so I will try to get everything nice and ready in time.

New donation options

I am glad to announce that SmallSkill Studio finally accepts donations in Monero. Donations in Litecoin Cash are also avaiable. Monero and Litecoin cash are far more superior to Bitcoin and Litecoin. Please, consider donating if you like our products and want to help them grow.




Dropping Bitcoin support

Bitcoin was a technological breaktrough and it started a technological revolution in worldwide payments. However it was not built to be used on a massive scale. That is why Bitcoin support will be dropped in near future. Donation button will be visible until May 1st 2019. SmallSkill Bitcoin wallet will be emptied and closed on January 1st 2020.

About panel with SmallSkill Studio products

Recently I have made some design changes to this website so that SmallTime and Nerderity Report are visible right when you load the page. Unfortunately I have been informed by a friend of mine that it looks like an ad from a third party.

I was planning to improve the buttons so they would better fit into the website theme but I don´t have the time to finish those changes. It should be done troughout next week. I also assure you that this website does not have any ads and will not try to mislead you into downloading third party software.

More news soon, enjoy!

Update 1: It looks a bit better now. I will do some fine-tuning tho.

Website changes and reacting to regulations

I am very reluctant to talk about politics on this blog but enough is enough.


Offshoring buerocracy

Due to new regulations of Union of European Socialist Republics I have to comply to new GDPR regulation. Since SmalllSkill Studio is not a corporation with it´s own army of lawyers I decided to replace a commenting system with a Disqus plugin. That means several things

  • more comfortable commenting since you can login with one account into many comment sections of many websites
  • deleting all comments that were written with the old comment system (i am deeply sorry for deleting comments of three people who actualy used comments)
  • less spam in comments
  • I am glad to offshore the buerocracy to somebody else 🙂 at least for now


Imposing new rules

I am going to make up a set of rules for discussing on this page…. I found it not to be nesessary because comments were so few in numbers but at least I will get some anger off my chest. Note that one of the rules will be you are forbidden to speak positively about European Union under any circumstances. 

All this time could have been spent with improving SmallTime or experimenting with software that could be published in future. I have very little time so if more regulations will take place, this website will be moved out of EU.


Website maintenance

Since this website is not compatible with requirements that help me avoid regulations, I decided that now is the right time for a deeper website maintenance. You should not notice any changes except better security and maybe a bit shorter loading times. If you notice some big changes it probably will be because something went wrong horribly.

That´s all and sorry for not bringing you some cool stuff.

SmallTime 1.0g release

A bugfix release of SmallTime has just been released.

This release contains only bugfix of sound notification system so you will be notified about imminent event even when SmallTime is minimised.

During fixing his bug I noticed that internal window management that I use sucks and I will do a review and fix it up. You may notice that when minimising of app when sound notification is active, the transition is not entirely smooth regarding the sound. I will try to make it better in next release and also put in some more features related to sounds like custom notification sound, sound volume etc.

That´s all. As always, you can download latest version of SmallTime by clicking this wonderful blue button that says Download below. Enjoy!