Road to SmallTime 2.0

After a long time a time has come to reveal some big news. Next year I will bring you a new version of SmallTime that will be smaller, faster, better and will work on Windows, Linux and maybe even MacOS if I ever get hands on the right hardware.

Changes that were made

Just to keep it straight and short, I will write out some of the most notable changes from 1.0 series to version 2.0 that is in the making:

  • total rewrite: SmallTime 2.0 is being rewritten from the ground up using modern programming language(Rust) and versatile graphics library. That opens a wide range of options in the future.
  • it is smaller: development version of SmallTime 2.0(currently 1.5.0) is 10MB in size as opposed to 164MB in current public version.
  • better customisability: customisability was planned as one of crucial features of Smalltime but I had to postpone that because of technical and design limitations of tools I was using. Most of the issues are now out of the way and you will be able to customise next version of SmallTime to your liking.

Road ahead

I already have a working protoype of SmallTime 2.0 but there is a long way from a prototype to full product. It is a bumpy road since some of tools I use are not finished and their features are subject of change. For example a bugfix I implemented for latest Linux fedora broke the app completely and I am in process of putting it back together with new updated tools. Anyway, I donĀ“t want to get too technical and I want to let you know what is left to be done before SmallTime 2.0 release

  • adding/removing tasks using the user interface is not implemented yet
  • roughly 30% of app settings are now working and I need to pump up those numbers a lot.
  • graphical user interface to change settings

I will provide you with more detailed information and screenshots very soon. Enjoy!