Getting up to speed

Since the prototype of new SmallTime is operational, the time has come to start optimising. I managed to decrease CPU load from 8% to 0,5% on Intel Core i5-4690 (old CPU made in 2014 clocked at 3.50GHz). This is slightly higher than current public version but there is a huge payoff in versatility.

Besides, there are small stability improvements, for example fallback routines for features that some Linux systems do not support(yet).

Paypal Donations

Last but not least, paypal donations are now available. Donating money will help me pay for this website, buy a new hardware to make development more efficient and of course then I will be able to spend more time developing software instead of working overtime to get the money needed. You can donate by clicking the big Donate button in the upper right corner or by clicking the donate button in this article. Your support will be greately appreciated.