Back to the drawing board

For the past few months I spent a LOT of time with providing multiplatform capabilities to the new version of Smalltime (currently 1.7.0). Unfortunately, technology that I use is not yet mature and well optimised for operating systems based on Linux and cooperation with library developers will be needed to fix this, since Smalltime uses quite exotic approach to window manipulation. This is the reason why I am abandoning simultaneous development for multiple operating systems until a public version for Windows is released. Then I will gradualy start to provide Linux versions of this software. This will speed up the development by A LOT.

Anyway, the time has come to get back to the drawing board. I am working on creating the rest of graphical user interface. Window with selected task information is completed and right now I am working on an interface for adding and editing tasks. Technical design of a new task editor will be improved to be less prone to bugs and inconsistencies.

Regarding the design of user interface, it´s design is pretty basic and will need some tweaks, for example some texts are not properly centered, buttons could use some beautyfication and an old, low resolution icon set from Smalltime 1.0 is still being used. This will be addressed shortly after a beta release.