SmallTime 2.0 sneak peek

In last post I mentioned that a library update completely broke SmallTime 2(currently v1.6.0). This issue is now resoled and I also got SmallTime to work on both Windows and Linux. As a bonus I probably fixed a potential performance issue on MacOSX operating systems but since I donĀ“t have required hardware, I cannot test it nor build a SmallTime for Mac.

Also, graphical user interface for displaying tasks is now complete. Even better, countdowns and timers will now have distinct colors, so it will be easier to spot which task is a countdown and which is a timer. In old SmallTime 1.0h there is a green halo around the progress bar but it is not as distinguishable.

Two weeks ago I made buttons work so I can open an (empty) window where task editor will be in future. It is still a work in progress and I hope I will have time to fill in the task editor with widgets that will basically make it viable for common use.

And of course, here is a screenshot that I promised. SmallTime 2.0 will use a dark theme by default but later you will be able to switch to the (sort of)old light theme. Please note that color scheme is a subject of change and will be fine tuned troughout the development process.