Polishing and settings of SmallTime

In previous blog posts, I mentioned that the new version of Smalltime will be more demanding on your CPU in exchange for the potential for much better customisation options. This will not be true in the SmallTime 1.8.1 release, where the display system was optimised so it will use less than 0.1% of your CPU performance when running. I took the time to do this optimization because I believe I should not waste my customer’s disk space or their other hardware resources.

Another big improvement that will make the old and new SmallTime equal in the amount of features is bringing back the settings menu, where you can set the corner of your screen to which SmallTime will be attached. If time permits, I may finish the option to have SmallTime run in a classic floating window like any other program, but first I will have to setup a system for generating an alternate GUI for adding tasks and managing settings since these buttons are currently in the window’s header.

SmallTime 1.8.1 will be released in April 2022 as a live public beta release. I am excited to bring you a better optimised, good-looking product that will help keep track of your tasks, plans, and achievements that matter to you.