Current version: 1.0h

Note: SmallTime 2 is available here!

Smalltime is a simple applcation that provides you with short info on how much time do you have left to some event. For example test in school, your holiday or anything else. Good for procrastinators to see their time running out .

smalltime1f  10d_2

Bugs and issues

#4Using # symbol in event name or description causes program to fail. Program will not be able to start because data file gets corrupted.fixed [1.0d] remove extra # from data file in C:\Users\[user_name]\SmallTime or send the file to my e-mail to fix it.
#5app will not start if msvcp100.dll is not present in your operating systemfixed indevinstall Visual c++ redistributable from
#6 31st minute missing when adding a new countdown/timerfixed [1.0e]-
#7it is impossible to scroll down in event description field when adding/editing a timerfixed [1.0e]Write your text in some text editor and then copy it into SmallTime.
#8App icon does not show in taskbar. (Old and known bug but reported recently)fixed [1.0e]-
#9lower parts of some letters are cut of in event name field.fixed [1.0f]-
#10words are still being cut in half when adding a new timer.fixed [1.0f]-
#11Sound notifications are not working when SmallTime is minimised (by clicking an arrow in upper left corner)fixed [1.0g] -
#12When hovering mouse cursor over event details button, time is shown in wrong format if time of an event is set between first and nineth minutefixed[1.0h]-
#13When clicking the edit event button, event time is set itself to whole hour if time of an event is set between first and nineth minutefixed[1.0h]-


  • open:  a new bug has been confirmed.
  • pending: bug fixing in progress. Some bug fixes are not tested immediately and stay in pending state for some time.
  • fixed indev: Bugfix will be present in next version of software.  It may take few weeks to few months depending on  stage of development cycle.
  • fixed: bug has been fixed.

Please, if you find any bugs, send be an email to .