About us

My name is Ľuboš Mudrák and this page showcases some of my work that I would humbly like to share with others.

Software on this page is made by me for my own entertainment and that means that it may lack some features that may make it user-friendly and comfortable to use. However, if you are interested in making this software better, you can send me an e-mail to lubosmudrak93@gmail.com or make a comment under one of my articles to make a note of useful feature that you would like to see or a bug that you would like to see removed.

My programming knowledge:

  • Python – used to script Nerderity Report in Blender Game Engine.
  • Java – object oriented programming, dynamic interface design with Java swing toolset
  • C++ – Multiplatform game launcher deployment(defunct project, not showcased on this page), with SDL graphics library, currenty developing a game engine using SFML.

Computer graphics

  • 3d graphics – using Blender 3d software. (mostly not showcased on this page but I will add some images into a gallery.). Mostly anorganic modeling and low-poly assets for computer games.
  • 2d graphics – Mainly for texturing and user interface design purposes, using Inkscape. Showcased in SmallTime and many defunct projects not presented on this page
  • website admnistration – Maintaining my personal website and updating design once a few years.


  • very basic music compositing using a demo-version of FLStudio, showcased in the intro screen of Nerderity Report.