About SmallSkill Studio

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  • Name: Ľuboš Mudrák
  • Founder of SmallSkill Studio

My programming knowledge:

  • Git: management of projects.
    Link to my github page: https://github.com/lubosmudrak
  • Rust: remake of Smalltime, developing multiplatform GUI desktop applications
  • Java – object oriented programming, dynamic interface design with Java swing toolset
  • Python – used to script Nerderity Report in Blender Game Engine
  • HTML/CSS/PHP: basic knowledge to be able to develop and manage a WordPress blog
  • C++ – Multiplatform game launcher deployment(defunct project, not showcased on this page), with SDL graphics library, currenty developing a game engine using SFML.

Computer graphics

  • 3d graphics – using Blender 3d software. (mostly not showcased on this page but I will add some images into a gallery.). Mostly anorganic modeling and low-poly assets for computer games.
  • 2d graphics – Mainly for texturing and user interface design purposes, using Inkscape. Showcased in SmallTime and many defunct projects not presented on this page
  • website admnistration – Maintaining my personal website and updating design once a few years.


  • very basic music compositing using a demo-version of FLStudio, showcased in the intro screen of Nerderity Report.