SmallTime version compatibility system

Next release of SmallTime is being delayed because the version compatibility system is still not finished. This happened due to an illnes, which prevented me from working during holidays.

Since there were some big changes, there was no compatibilty system between SmallTime 1.0 and 1.8. series. However, the upcoming compatibility system will be more robust and I can guarantee that all SmallTime releases from(and including) 1.8.2 will always have backward compatibility with future releases.

There may be some limitations to this to stop SmallTime from bloating too much, but there will always be a way to update SmallTime to the latest version without losing your data. I am not sure, what kind of limitations will I impose but it will probably be some time constraint, or range of versions. I am looking for at least the last 5 file modifications. And honestly I don’t think more file format revisions will be needed until SmallTime will be feature-complete.

Hopefully everything will be ready by the end of this month.