SmallTime 1.8.4 release

SmallSkill Studio release schedule is officialy back on track and that means a new release for you!

SmallTime 1.8.4
SmallTime 1.8.4
Size: 5,72 MB
Version: 1.8.4
Published: April 29, 2023

New features:

  • system error messages: when there is a fatal error in your system configuration or bug in SmallTime, you will be greeted with a comprehensive error message that will try to help you solve your issue, or report a bug if there is a problem with SmallTime itself. Not everything is covered yet, but more errors will be covered in the next releases of SmallTime. These error messages are now implemented:
    • can’t create a data folder for SmallTime
    • wrong version of .stf file (this should not be happening)
    • missing environment variable (this may happen if your system is damaged or you try to launch SmallTime on some exotic operating system via an emulator)
    • can’t save your SmallTime data


  • optimisation of creating a file for your data in SmallTime
  • optimisation of saving/loading your data in SmallTime

Note on experimental features

When doing final test runs of SmallTime 1.8.4 before release, I noticed that the window had a different width when I started SmallTime with no data file. I have a plan to have SmallTime remember your last window width and always start with the window size set by you. However, there is no user interface to do so in docked window mode, and the size of the window is not yet saved when you change it in classic window mode. You can directly edit the width of the SmallTime window in the data.stf file, but I strongly advise against doing so. Unless you make a backup of your data. If you send your file to me, I will be able to fix it, depending on the amount of damage you have done, but first ask yourself if you really want some random dude on the internet to view your private personal data 🙂