SmallTime 1.8.5 release

NOTICE: this version was withdrawn due to a breaking bug. New release will be published as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience

As promised earlier, SmallTime 1.8.5 brings the promised quality of life improvements. Making existing features stable and comfortable to use is my main priority before adding new features. This release was a bit delayed because of the unexpected bug which was causing the app to crash after changing DPI scaling. This was due to major backend design flow and it took some time to resolve properly. Now you will get proper user experience even on dislays which make using DPI scaling necessary.

New features and improvements

  • Highier resolution of application icons
  • Separator line between tasks
  • Width of the app window is now saved after every change.
  • App window is now resizable in docked mode


  • Fixed sound alarm that still played multiple times after being disabled in some cases
  • Fixed crash when changing the system DPI