Floating window is coming…

It looks like this:

A floating main window was a feature planned for SmallTime 1.8.2, but it was not pushed(rushed) into the release since both the UI and the application backend had some missing prerequisities to implement this. This will however change in the upcoming SmallTime 1.8.3. Since this release, SmallTime 2 (currently at version 1.8.3 in development) will be more feature-rich than the original release of SmallTime.

There is still much polishing to be done on this feature, and it may still have some rough edges at release, but it is very important for users who either don’t want the classic window snapped to the edge of their screen or have some other app snapped to the edge. For example, I have SmallTime snapped to the left edge of the screen and a music player snapped to the right side.

A next blog post will arrive shortly, explaining other improvements in SmallTime and why they are important for future releases. A release date will also be announced.