Plans for 2015

So new year is here for some time and that means I should present some kind of a roadmap for this year. So this sums up my plans and decisions for now (note: subject of change. )


Q1 2015

  • canceling The Villager: Since there are other ¬†teams of developers that undertook this initiative. I really dont feel that I have enough skill to create big open world with full PVP multiplayer alone in a reasonable amount of time
  • Releasing Smalltime 1.0b: This will come with some polishing of the user interface and performance optimisations. There are of course more features planned for this app but this kind of countdown apps sometimes takes a long time to test properly and eploit all possible bugs. That means that after 1.0b, smalltime will be laid to rest until Q3-Q4 unless there will be intense public demand for more features.
  • documentation for Smalltime: This wil sum up basic application controls and some neat advanced features(colored text and headlines in event descriptions, yay!

Q2-Q3 2015

  • Nerderity Report has become my pile of shame that is in serious need of complete remake. (Unity instead of Blender Game Engine?) ¬†Game engine that I picked was not able to produce graphicaly satisfying output on a weak computer I had back in 2012. This is just in stage of planning and Im not really sure about it now… I never was.

Q4 2015

  • website redesign: I am working a secret project and I would like my website to have a design that reflects it. This will surely help because design of this page now is a bit dark and quilcky put together.
  • new game engine written entirely by me. Featuring 2d graphics, multiplayer, moddable games(also, 4K ready gaming?)