Roadmap for SmallTime 1.8 series

The last few releases of SmallTime brought only minor features. Before implementing customization features in SmallTime 1.9, I want to have a rock-solid foundation on which I can build. This will be finished in December of next year if everything proceeds as planned. That does not mean you will not see any improvements; quite the contrary, you will get a more versatile experience. Here is a teaser of what is about to come:

SmallTime 1.8.7

This will be the last stabilization release, mainly consisting of bugfixes and making app functionality more safe. This means not only fixing potential undesired behavior or crashes, but also preventing them, making sure that if certain kinds of bugs will be introduced, they will be less likely to cause application failure. I also made the task editor look a bit better.

SmallTime 1.8.8

People of many nationalities are using Smalltime, so I will bring in support for translations. I plan to implement a first phase of internationalization system. Official translations will be bundled and available by default, and users will also be able to make their own translations, which will be installed via SmallTime’s interface or manually, by copying them into the SmallTime’s translation directory. I will reveal the plans for the second phase later. Also, translations may not be fully available and may be incomplete, depending on how well things go.

SmallTime 1.8.9

This version will have a fully customizable main window size. This is because of one potentially interesting use case, being using the whole monitor as a display for one or for a small number of tasks. If I will have enough time, I will also review other windows. The task editor would greatly benefit from better responsiveness of the UI to the window’s size.

1.9 and beyond

In the next blog post, I will reveal the roadmap for the 1.9 series. This will provide you with tools for customizing the look and feel of the app, and it will also provide you with tools for managing a large number of tasks.