Website changes and reacting to regulations

I am very reluctant to talk about politics on this blog but enough is enough.


Offshoring buerocracy

Due to new regulations of Union of European Socialist Republics I have to comply to new GDPR regulation. Since SmalllSkill Studio is not a corporation with it´s own army of lawyers I decided to replace a commenting system with a Disqus plugin. That means several things

  • more comfortable commenting since you can login with one account into many comment sections of many websites
  • deleting all comments that were written with the old comment system (i am deeply sorry for deleting comments of three people who actualy used comments)
  • less spam in comments
  • I am glad to offshore the buerocracy to somebody else 🙂 at least for now


Imposing new rules

I am going to make up a set of rules for discussing on this page…. I found it not to be nesessary because comments were so few in numbers but at least I will get some anger off my chest. Note that one of the rules will be you are forbidden to speak positively about European Union under any circumstances. 

All this time could have been spent with improving SmallTime or experimenting with software that could be published in future. I have very little time so if more regulations will take place, this website will be moved out of EU.


Website maintenance

Since this website is not compatible with requirements that help me avoid regulations, I decided that now is the right time for a deeper website maintenance. You should not notice any changes except better security and maybe a bit shorter loading times. If you notice some big changes it probably will be because something went wrong horribly.

That´s all and sorry for not bringing you some cool stuff.