SmallTime 1.0h release date

SmallTime 1.0h will be released on 3rd November 2018.

SmallTime 1.0h was supposed to be a bugfix release but some users had issues with how event informations were handled. In previous version of Smalltime, if you hold your mouse above event information button(the one with little black rectangles that represent lines of text) a bubble with info about this event would pop up. However it is highly unintuitive to use it like this. So in SmallTime 1.0h when you click this button a dialog with informations about event name, date and description will appear. If you like to look at this info as you did before, you still can.

Another thing. I kept delaying code optimisation for a looong time so adding new features is getting very chaotic again. so in version after 1.0h there will be a 1.0j update with no new features, maybe even no bugfixes. It will only contain architecture and maybe some performance upgrades.

I know you are waiting for bugfixes related to event editing issues (bugs #13 and #14 shown here ) so I will try to get everything nice and ready in time.