SmallTime 1.0d preview

SmallTime 1.0d release is planned on 9th July 2016.

SmallTime 1.0c contains a bug that causes the whole program to stop working after you put # somwhere in the event name or event description field. I had to refactor big part of program to fix this bug but it was worth it and new features and settings can be added with ease in the future.

Data from SmallTime 1.0c will unfortunately not be loaded into 1.0d but for future versions there will be a reliable backward compatibility system. I could make it possible to convert 1.0c data to 1.0d but it would not fit into the new backward compatibility system and would cause problems when trying to load old corrupted data.

Also, I started to work on a new project concept but in this early stage I can not promise anything.

Note: data shown in theese pictures are for SmallTime feature presentation. They do not neccessairly represent any of my personal information.

10d_1 10d_2