Progress report October 2015

For the few die hard fans. Most of my time is now dedicated to preparation for a college study next year (if I won´t get any job in IT industry in meanwhile). Progress is still very slow but I am trying to make some kind of steady schedule again. Anyway, here come the news:

In a nutshell

  • new game engine(alpha stage)
  • Improving webdesign skills needed to make my web pages look better
  • SmallTime 1.0c will arrive in January 2016
  • If you have much time to loose, you can read further to get more detailed info 🙂

Why no news for so long?

I began developing my own game engine for 2D games, or better said, basics of it. With a little bit of effort a simple mario-like game could be made with it. However, there are still many things to be fixed and improved. I do not consider this engine to be production ready. A long way to go. First development cycle (April-June 2015) was entirely dedicated to this project.

During the second development cycle(july-september) I was learning some HTML/CSS/PHP for making webpages. I made an intranet server to share files and documents inside the home network. I may post more when I solve, why the server began crashing like mad after upgrade to Windows 10. #bleedingedgetechnology . There is still a long path ahead of me, I need to learn much about MySQL and so on. However, there are many interesting projects possible with those technologies and another new project may be possible to start in 2016.

SmallTime 1.0c release date


SmallTime 1.0c release is planned for January 10th 2016. First, I will list features and fixes already finished:

  • change: program architecture change to make adding new features less confusing
  • bugfix: if user minimised/maximised app many times withoud adding a new countdown, performance started to decrease. the fix also causes that less memory is used by this app now.
  • feature: drop down menus instead of text input fields(requested by  tester). This seems to be more comfortable for me and faster for some users. Can be made optional by popular demand (send e-mail to   )
  • feature: all countdowns that you make in version 1.0c will be avaiable in all newer versions from now on.

SmallTime 1.0c is in development with some optimisations and architecture changes already in place. I would like to spend alot of time by testing if those changes produced any bugs. If everything goes well, I will ad an option to edit existing countdowns. Another thing I would like to do stop all the crashes caused by corrupted data files. I encountered strange bug a month ago causing crash but I don´t have any reports of this error from anyone else. So, thats it for this developent cycle (october-december).