Supporting SmallSkill Studio

Since today, you can support SmallSkill Studio by mining Monero that can be mined from within web browser.

Monero is a cryptocurrency. That means that it is not made by a central bank of any country but instead it is produced by providing “proof of work”. That means your computer will get a chunk of data that can be decifered into a cryptocurrency. By mining cryptocurrency for smallskill studio you can exchange power of your computer for creating an asset that will support SmallSkill Studio.

DonĀ“t be shy and donate a bit of your electricity to support my work and make me able to give more work to you.

I have asked a couple of people to keep it running for a minute and results look promising. I may provide a classic donate options but I have to look into some legal issues first. It is not easy to find time for this because I have quite a few tasks at hand, including a new version of SmallTime that would fix some bugs present in current version,