SmallTime 1.0f sneak peek

SmallTime 1.0f info

SmallTime 1.0f will be released in January 2018. In this version, I will implement a sound reminder feature that is activated from within a new options menu which is a replacement of an about screen. Sound will be played everytime when a countdown reaches 0 to remind you that event has started. This is useful for example, for a user who works on a computer and gets a sound notification that reminds him of a meeting that is about to start.


And you can see a typo in the screenshot I posted. It should and will be “sound notifications”. Also note that this picture does not represent a final product and is a subject of change if needed.

What happened to a Linux version of SmallTime?

SmallTime version 1 will be a secondary project for now because I am focusing on making a small testing app for Windows, Linux and maybe Android to make sure I will not do any critical mistakes when porting SmallTime to other platforms. I hope I can make most of my progress with this testing app(maybe a minigame?) during christmas holidays and release it in May 2018. I would like to give you a steady supply of releases next year so I hope for SmallTime 2.0 in September 2018. But handful of people reading this blog regulary already know me and my promises 🙂

SmallTime 2 may not have all features implemented from the beginning but I will try to catch up with version 1.0f(or later) as soon as possible. Depends on the time I will have.


Bitcoin donations avaiable

From now on you can donate Bitcoin to SmallSkill Studio. Keep me from starving please. Litecoin donations will be avaiable soon.


You can donate Bitcoin to 17eUJncpADzMUY4yJ8ETna1EWMuhxAhwjr