Nerderity Report 0.99h for Linux released

Good news!

Nerderity Report 0.99h has been just released for Linux operating system. Features of Linux and Windows versions are now identical, except some platform specific code. It was a bit of a pain to create semi-proper Linux installer but it was worth it. Instalation is in fact even easier than on Windows now.

This is probably the last version of this game released and I will move my attention to further develop SmallTime and maybe the other project prototype. Problem is that because of more strict legislation in my country, it would be financialy very hard for me to fulfill my original vision of this protoype. But maybe it is for the best to turn it into something much more simple and maybe more fun.

As always, you can download the game here ->  .

Have fun! But  note that Linux version of Nerderity Report is in BETA stage because I don´t have it´s proper functionality tested on any other PC but mine…. yet.


Also note that more news about SmallTime will come soon. There is a little bug that needs to be fixed.

And one final thing: you can get some quick updates about my projects on Minds social network.