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SmallTime documentation

SmallTime 1.0b is now in closed testing stage. I have done some basic documentation for this project and here is the preview. Note that many changes in SmallTime 1.0b will be only cosmetic, main changes will appear in 1.0c release, in which I will finaly repair program architecture that is defective by design and start adding new features.

1. Countdown overview


1. Event name
2. Minimise button
3. Application name and version.
4. Basic information about SmallTime
5. New countdown button
6. Exit application button
7. Delete current countdown
8. Detailed event information. It will be displayed after keeping your cursor on it for a second.
9. Time left to event



2. Adding a new countdown


1. Detailed event description. You can use basic HTML 4 tags to affect the text appearance.
2. Event name. It should be short enough to be seen in the window.
3. Event date. If you enter a number that is too high (for example 30th of February) it will result in wrong date calculation.



3. Advanced features

Text formatting

There are some features that are not exposed in the user interface of this application. If you are an advanced user, you can manualy edit countdowns change colors in the event descriptions and so on.


You can change text formatting with using HTML 4 tags. Here are a few examples:

1. Text color: <font color=“red“>red</font> . You can use any color you want
2. Bold text: <b>bold</b>
3. italic text <i>italic</i>
4. <sub> subscript</sub>
5. <sup> superscript </sup>

There are many other tags to experiment with. For more information, please check the HTML 4 documentation.

Manual event editing


You can manualy edit events if you want/need to do so. All events that you create are stored in a text file in Smalltime´s app directory. The file is called dates.txt . Elements of every event in this file are separated by # mark. This is a list of every event´s elements from left to right.

1. year
2. month
3. day
4. hour
5. minute
6. second
7. event name
8. event description. Every event description has <HTML> tags around it for advanced text formatting.


Disclaimer: This software was made for purpose of learning object oriented programming. It has some design flaws, that make it hard to add new features without bugs and will be rewritten when I will have time or when there will be public demand for new features. If you are interested in a specific feature you would like to see in this software, please send me an e-mail to .


Plans for 2015

So new year is here for some time and that means I should present some kind of a roadmap for this year. So this sums up my plans and decisions for now (note: subject of change. )


Q1 2015

  • canceling The Villager: Since there are other  teams of developers that undertook this initiative. I really dont feel that I have enough skill to create big open world with full PVP multiplayer alone in a reasonable amount of time
  • Releasing Smalltime 1.0b: This will come with some polishing of the user interface and performance optimisations. There are of course more features planned for this app but this kind of countdown apps sometimes takes a long time to test properly and eploit all possible bugs. That means that after 1.0b, smalltime will be laid to rest until Q3-Q4 unless there will be intense public demand for more features.
  • documentation for Smalltime: This wil sum up basic application controls and some neat advanced features(colored text and headlines in event descriptions, yay!

Q2-Q3 2015

  • Nerderity Report has become my pile of shame that is in serious need of complete remake. (Unity instead of Blender Game Engine?)  Game engine that I picked was not able to produce graphicaly satisfying output on a weak computer I had back in 2012. This is just in stage of planning and Im not really sure about it now… I never was.

Q4 2015

  • website redesign: I am working a secret project and I would like my website to have a design that reflects it. This will surely help because design of this page now is a bit dark and quilcky put together.
  • new game engine written entirely by me. Featuring 2d graphics, multiplayer, moddable games(also, 4K ready gaming?)

SmallTime 1.0a released


This release of SmallTime contains critical fix to bug that occured after deleting timers at specific positions. The issue is now fixed and as a bonus, I included a new feature that I was developing before the bug reports came to me.

List of features/fixes

  • – fixed a bug that caused app malfunction after deleting timers in specific positions
  • – more detailed informations about event can be set.
  • – changed icon positions in main countdown window.

You can download SmallTime 1.0a by clicking here ->



Backuping old timers

warning: this is recommended for advanced users only. By not following the instructions properly, you will cause SmallTime to stop working!

In case you have many timers (i have 7 of them right now 🙂 ) you may wish to move them into new version of SmallTime. You can do this by locating “dates.txt” file,  located in “C:\Program Files(x86)\Smalltime\app” directory by default. Open this file and add # at the end of every line. Make sure that there is no empty line at the end of the file! It will cause SmallTime to stop working. Now save the “dates.txt” file somwhere, install new version of SmallTime and replace the “dates.txt” from the old version to the “app” directory of SmallTime´s new version.

I hope you enjoy! There is a bit more stuff that have to wait until new release cycle… probably in april 2015 (if i will finally manage to stick to my deadlines)



Critical bug in SmallTime

First of all, Im sorry.

There is a critical bug in SmallTime app causing it to stop working at all. The bug occurs sometimes, when you delete one or more of your timers.

How to fix

Go to your app directory (usually C:ProgramFiles(X86)\Smalltime) and go to the app directory, where you will find file dates.txt . Open it and delete the empty line you see. This should fix the bug.
The file looks something like this.

smalltime bug

How to avoid it

Delete all your timers at once. Then add some new. It is annoying but at least it works

Patch on the way

I am working hard to bring you the new version fixing this problem as soon as possible. It seems that I have already fixed this issue in my version, but I must make sure, there are no hidden problems left. I will also introduce a little nice feature that I developed and wanted to release at a later date. I had yet another feature planned but implementing it would hold the release, so it is out of question for now.


Thank you for being patient and thank all those who reported this bug.

SmallTime Released


SmallTime is a small event reminder app. Great for procrastinators to see how much time they have lost by starring into a computer screen. Windows (64bit) version is now avaiable.

Lite version for experienced users (can be run in Mac, Linux and Windows) will be avaiable as soon as the app will be proven bug-free. I am sure, there are no bugs left, but public testing is needed, just to be sure.

So, go ahead and download if you need to see your time running before your eyes!



The Villager – trees

So I started to use new rendering engine to bake textures and here is the result. I will try to find people who understand graphics more than me to give me some advice to make my new models as good as possible.

Here is a quick preview of new trees for The Villager game. Final version will be done in a month or two when I will have brand new hardware avaiable.


pine1 pine2

Nerderity Report II development on hold

I am very sorry to announce that development of Nerderity Report II is now on hold for some time. There are some reasons why I decided to do this:

1. Just another “Shoot them up” game. The idea is just too mainstream to grab attention of people. It just doesn´t make sense to do more of them, even though there were some original ideas in game design.

2. Did this before. I realised that it may not be a good idea to make only series of games which are same or similiar game mechanics.

3. Hope remains. If you liked the original Nerderity Report (just in case), I let you know that I still have plans to remake it and make Nerderity Report a part of it. By this approach I could just build the game piece by piece and update the whole series at once. I will see in next year.


But don´t worry, I am slowly working on ressurecting of a project that I was working on a long time ago and this is how it looked like then.



More news next week. I think I will try to post news more often, maybe I will stick to monthly reports.

Nerderity Report I: Linux BETA test


I just made a testing Linux version of Nerderity Report game. Note that this version is in BETA stage. That means that there may be problems running this game on some computers. I have only one Linux machine avaiable so I can not do the whole testing procedure myself.

If you have any trouble running Nerderity Report on Linux, please send me an email to . Your e-mail should contain following:

–  info your proccessor and graphic card
– your operating system (Linux disribution and it´s version)
– what is your problem (game crashes, game won´t start)
– any additional information that you think may be useful, for example the library that is missing (if you are avaiable to obtain this info)

download link:

New website ready

Here it is!

New website adjustment is finished. Our new website has now ability for users to login and post comments on blog posts and games. I hope that you all will like it and write down a list of things that you would like to change, if you want.

I will try to supply you with news once or twice per week and anytime when I will make some game update.