Soon you will be able to directly support SmallSkill Studio with donations. I will be testing a diverse forms of support. Also a side note: I will edit the text explaining cryptocurrencies as soon as possible.

Cryptocurrency mining

Monero is a cryptocurrency. That means that it is not made by a central bank of any country but instead it is produced by providing “proof of work”. That means your computer will get a chunk of data that can be decifered into a cryptocurrency. By mining cryptocurrency for smallskill studio you can exchange power of your computer for creating an asset that will support SmallSkill Studio.

Donate Bitcoin bitcoin-lubos
Donate Bitcoin to 17eUJncpADzMUY4yJ8ETna1EWMuhxAhwjr

Donate LiteCoin litecoin-lubos

Donate Litecoin to LSrW2azrWiVRffm5EoiLGSHMctmUG1eiPf

Using software from SmallSkill Studio, recommending it to your friends or even to small companies. A review with rating would be also gladly welcome.

There is not much happening now but I will make sure that I will have enough time to make apps that will be either useful or just fun to use. However your support would make it easier for me to find enough time for such a task.