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Sound notifications bug

Important announcement

In latest release of SmallTime, sound notifications are not activated when SmallTime is minimised(by clicking the arrow in upper left corner of your screen). I will fix this bug this weekend, do some real testing for a week and then release a version 1.0g where this issue will be fixed.

I am sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you did not suffer any damage by setting up countdowns with sound notifications that were not activated. I personaly forgot to take the laundry out and also burned a frozen pizza badly because of this bug. Also almost missed an important appointment.


EDIT: because of big personal events in my life, bugfix release is postponed for now. Sorry, I will get to it ASAP

SmallTime 1.0f release


SmallTime 1.0f was released today. It contains few bugfixes and few new features that increase it´s overall effectivity and user comfort. This release is a bit rough so there may be some tiny polishing needed before next release but I think that new features are worth it.



  • bug #9: lower parts of some letters in event name field are not cut off anymore
  • bug #10: words were being cut in half at the end of a line when creating an event description in add new timer screen


  • ability to set sound alarm for your countdowns.
  • current date and time are preset when adding a new timer.
  • slight changes to user interface

You can download SmallTime 1.0f here —> 

So that´s it. I wish you a great winter solstice, merry christmas and a happy new year, all in one package. Enjoy!